Do Something Different…For a Change Workshop (DS-204WS)

Are you feeling stuck? Do you ever make changes, but after a few days, weeks, or even months, you slip back into your old behaviors and patterns? If you’re ready to experience lasting change in one or more areas of your life, join psychologist and author, Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke, for this exciting one-day workshop.

Workshop Objectives:

  • differentiate between Godly sorrow/suffering vs. Ungodly (worldly) sorrow/suffering
  • identify the three common barriers to change
  • describe and apply “the ABCs of change”
  • understand benefits and limitations of secular counseling/therapy
  • initiate a strategic plan for lasting change

This self-help classic was originally published in 2008 and includes new, updated material. You will also receive a Scripture Addendum with over 75 relevant scriptures for easy reference.

Semester: Spring

Day: Saturday, February 17, 2018

Time: 9am-1pm

Course Length: 1 day

Course Fee: $17 (Includes Book)

Book(s): To celebrate ten years in print, your registration includes a signed copy of the 10th Anniversary Edition Do Something Different…For a Change: An Insider’s Guide to What Your Therapist Knows (But May Not Tell You) by Peggy Mitchell Clarke, Ph.D.