Individual Courses

Enrolling in an individual course is a popular option for students who want to take certain specified courses and for those who are “trying out” CVTS. This optional also allows students to continue their Christian education without enrolling in lengthier programs.

Students who want to continue their studies after completing a Program of Study may also enjoy taking individual courses. For example, after completing the Program of Study in Ordained Ministry, a student may want to take a new class offered in their area of ministry, or some other area.

With some exceptions (i.e., closed classes or prerequisites), every class offered through CVTS is available to all students.

Individual courses are offered in the following areas:
• Bible Studies
• Communications
• Discipleship
• Family Studies
• Financial Stewardship
• Lay Counseling
• Leadership
• Ministry
• Prayer

To review the current Schedule of Courses, please click here (PDF of the CVTS schedule of courses).