CVTS Goals

CVTS Goals with respect to Local Community Partnerships: CVTS develops partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout Colorado. This partnership building allows CVTS to offer relevant training for members of the community in keeping with the mission of the School. This includes offering courses within the civic community (including transitional houses, community centers, and similar efforts within the secular community to train and equip citizens) as well as the community of Christian faith, (which includes area churches and other Christian organizations seeking to train and equip their constituencies). Through the CVTS Workplace program, CVTS also empowers individuals to teach select courses at their places of employment.

CVTS Civic Community Goals:

Through forming partnerships within the civic community, CVTS will provide relevant practical skills to members of the community without regard of their commitment to Christian faith, although through the courses and training offered CVTS will work toward fulfilling the Great Commission, which instructs us to make disciples of all.

CVTS Faith Community Goals:

Although CVTS is closely connected with Colorado Christian Fellowship (CCF), the scope of its work extends farther. Partnering with local Pastors and their churches and other Christian organizations throughout the region provides an alternative resource that will benefit the work of local churches, para-church ministries, and other Christian organizations. While CVTS will provide faculty and curricula, courses will be offered at the host location.

CVTS Workplace Goals:

The central focus of the CVTS Workplace program is to take advantage of opportunities to equip believers to do the work of ministry. After recruiting and training interested individuals, CVTS will empower volunteer teachers to teach Bible studies and lead book talks at their places of work.

This effort will increase the level of faith-based activity while encouraging on-site community at local places of business.